September 7, 2021

Brand New Website!

I'm so thrilled and excited to announce the new website for Access Guide! Previously hosted on Notion, Access Guide has been rebuilt on Webflow with the intent of greatly improving the accessibility and usability of the experience.

If you like the new website, please consider contributing content of your own (check out the Contribute page) or making a small donation! All the costs of the domain name, web hosting, and user testing were paid for by myself and donations would help cover these expenses.

This website was tested using the following methods:

  • IBM Accessibility Assessment
  • tota11y
  • Manual zoom in/out testing on Mac (Chrome)
  • Manual keyboard testing on Mac (Chrome)
  • Manual VoiceOver testing on Mac (Safari)
  • Manual JAWS testing on Windows (Chrome)

Many thanks to the following people for testing this website:

  • Andy Smith
  • Dean Martineau
  • Hanna Sheehan
  • Mikolaj Holysz
  • Stephanie Lopez