November 10, 2021

Updates for Simplicity

Wow, another update only 3 days later.

  • This page is now complete - Define the purpose, name, role, and value of UI components in markup - meaning all of the guideline pages are now finished! 🎉
  • A WCAG criterion that was accidentally omitted is now added to this page - Use text presentation best practices
  • All of the pages were edited to use clear and simple language.
  • They were also edited to omit any ableist metaphors (e.g. tone-deaf, blind spot) and omit any metaphors that refer to body parts (e.g. "refer to this link" instead of "see this link" and "make note of issues" instead of "look for issues")

While I tried to be very thorough, it's possible that I missed certain things. If you notice anything that could use some editing, feel free to reach out on the Contribute page and make a suggestion.

November 7, 2021

Updates for Consistency

First, almost all of the guideline pages are done! Hurray!

(All except Define the purpose, name, role, and value of UI components in markup, which is a complex one and will take some more time to complete, likely in early 2022.)

Here are some recent updates I made for consistency:

  • The "Why This is Important" section often repeats similar concepts. I've added the same explanation for screen reader access, keyboard access, error handling, and touch interactions.
  • I've labeled all guidelines with manual, semi-automated, or automated testing.
  • I've re-written the testing procedures on all guideline pages to be more specific and actionable.

If there's a different testing procedure you'd recommend than the one written, please reach out and offer your suggestions!

September 7, 2021

Brand New Website!

I'm so thrilled and excited to announce the new website for Access Guide! Previously hosted on Notion, Access Guide has been rebuilt on Webflow with the intent of greatly improving the accessibility and usability of the experience.

If you like the new website, please consider contributing content of your own (check out the Contribute page) or making a small donation! All the costs of the domain name, web hosting, and user testing were paid for by myself and donations would help cover these expenses.

This website was tested using the following methods:

  • IBM Accessibility Assessment
  • tota11y
  • Manual zoom in/out testing on Mac (Chrome)
  • Manual keyboard testing on Mac (Chrome)
  • Manual VoiceOver testing on Mac (Safari)
  • Manual JAWS testing on Windows (Chrome)

Many thanks to the following people for testing this website:

  • Andy Smith
  • Dean Martineau
  • Hanna Sheehan
  • Mikolaj Holysz
  • Stephanie Lopez
September 26, 2021

New Pages & Site Index Up

There are a number of new pages up! Here are some highlights:

  • I got some great advice to avoid readability algorithms for writing at an approachable reading level. Instead, it's best to abide by a simple and approachable writing style guide.
  • I had a lot of fun doing research for providing multiple ways to find a page. A lot of the recommendations here come from UX Planet and Nielsen Norman Group.
  • To help explain why you should use actual text instead of images of text, I created an example of text that can achieve the same look of an image using CSS styling.

There is also now a site index where you can access all the pages in a (sort of) flat hierarchy. Yay!